How to Create a Ladybug Costume For a Plus Size Adult – Designer Tips

If you want to make a sensation at this year's Halloween party among friends, you can design yourself a ladybug costume. You may have looked for weeks for that perfect plus size outfit, but you could not find one. Therefore, you can start your creative process by digging your wardrobe for a cute simple red knee length or mini dress. If you feel [...]

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If acne has hit you later in life, and you now have more pimples in your twenties or thirties then you ever did as a teenager, you should know you're not alone, and you should [...]

Decorating With Wall Dots

Wall stickers are a revolutionary idea for adding interest to your d├ęcor. Wall stickers give the illusion that you took the time to paint, but you know it took about a fourth [...]

Joining the Team Building Dots

As a kid I loved dot-to-dot books. Being completely lacking in artistic talent, both then and now, I found it fascinating that I could "create" an image out of nothing. Well, [...]

Dot to Dots Teach Children Counting Skills in Fun Way

Dot to dot puzzles, a classic activity many of us remember from our own childhood, is still a favorite of teachers and parents hoping to encourage kids to work on their [...]